Sunday, August 16, 2009

Living the Dream

I have decided to blog. Religiously blog.

See... I'm entering this crazy time in my life. A time where the only thing I'm sure of is the fact that I'm living my dream.

How many people can say that?

I could've resigned myself to a temp job through a very respectable agency making $10/hour and working 8:30-5. I could've.

But I didn't... I opted to finally take that tour of a culinary school.

If I never would've saved that voicemail from that lovely man at the Columbus Culinary Institute, I never would've taken a tour last Thursday. If I never would've went on the tour of said school, I never would've gotten the contact information for an Executive Chef at a brand new really really really nice hotel. If I never would've gotten the contact information, I never would've gotten my job making omlets for said nice hotel.

So I may only be making omlets to start. At least I'm making omlets... and not spreadsheets.

I'm working in a real commercial kitchen, with other chefs, and really fascinating and alluring kitchen equipment.

Tomorrow I turn in my application to the Columbus Culinary Institute. If all goes as planned, I will start there the 26th of October. It is a 20 month program... 3 of those months is spent as an externship. I'm hoping for Paris. They've never had anyone go to Paris. I NEED Paris.

But Paris won't come until much later. I must work towards Paris.

So this is the beginning. The beginning of living it. The beginning of doing it.

I'm terrified. I'm thrilled. I'm worried. But most of all, I'm anxious to just get started already.

So, off to bed for me. Must be well-rested for my first day :)

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