Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can't Sleep

Well folks, it's 9:45. And I'm still awake. This is bad news, man. I have to be up at 4. Ugh.

So since I can't sleep, (trust me, I've already been in bed for an hour trying) I decided that I would share a little bit about the end of last week.

I got my uniform! I look all spiffy in my white coat and black pants with green pinstripes. I tried it on and had a complete glee moment. I took some photos (including a "messy apron, clean sleeves" photo) which I shall be posting soon, hopefully... as soon as I locate my USB adapter for my camera. Still unpacking....

On Friday, Chef G gave all of us a copy of the menu for Flying Spoons. Some of the appetizers include calamari and spring rolls. Our entrees I posted on before, so there's no need to mention them again.

Friday we also got our truckload of food. Everything but the fresh produce which was to be delivered on Saturday. Most of us didn't work Saturday. Couldn't go into overtime... at least, not yet :) It was awesome to see all of what we'll be working with. I would have to say my favorite item has to be the White Truffle Oil. Apparently this stuff goes for approximately $25-$30 per 12oz bottle. Nutso. However, I'm sure it's worth every penny! So we got all of that put away and ready for Monday.

So. About tomorrow. I'm a great big ball of scared, anxious, nervous, excited, and terrified. Which is probably contributing to my spontaneous insomnia. That and the great big farewell to fatening food dinner I fixed for mom and I tonight. Anyway, tomorrow morning at 6 am will start my actual hands-on training for the food work I'm going to be doing. The other omlet cook and I will be making omlets for the executive staff and the contractors that have been working on the building. So it's time to put my money where my mouth is. Holy crap. So so scared. But I will post how it honestly went. If I was a rock star, you'll know. If I'm looking for another job as of tomorrow, I'll let you know that, too. Ha.

Then, after the breakfast run through, the breakfast crew will be leaving for a few hours and come back in the afternoon to do a complete dinner run through. After I make and taste everything tomorrow, it is my intention to post the menu with my opinions. I'm sure it will all be great, but most of it I've never tasted before, so I can't wait for the flavor explosion in my mouth.... all I know is one of the dishes is named Chicken Saltimboca. Saltimboca literally means "dance in your mouth" apparently. Let's see how good of a dancer that chicken is.

Well blogging has sufficiently wooed me to sleepiness... just as I thought it might. So.... it's go time :)

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