Wednesday, September 16, 2009

40 days.

Greetings to all. I know I know.... long time no post. My apologies.

I've had some personal life speed bumps that prompted a lack of enthusiasm for posting. So on we go...

Well, I've been truckin' right along the past couple of weeks at my little omelet station. Did you know I've been spelling omelet wrong? I didn't. Oops.

This past Sunday we served over 211 omelets due to the USC v. OSU game. We had a 100% occupancy rate, thus the increase in breakfast patrons. So, with Papa D and I doing the omelet station that means I made over 100 omelets in a 3 hour period. Basically, I was making an omelet every 2 minutes. It was crazy!!! When I finished the day I was absolutely covered in egg. Chef G couldn't have been more proud of us. We "got down" and we made stuff happen.

It was so fun. Like, I can't even explain. Busy? Hell yeah. But the best sort of busy. I even turned and told Chef... "Man, that was FUN!"

Chances are we will eventually be much busier and have a lot more people, but for now, we are just steadily busy with a few rushes every now and then.

Today was a learning day. These are my favorite kind of days because I sponge up so much information. More than I usually know what to do with.

We had a function for tonight for 13 or so people. So we did preparation for that as soon as breakfast was over. Chef G gave me a wealth of knowledge on soups and tasting foods. I mean, refining your brain and tastebud connection isn't just something that happens overnight. It takes a LOT of work. Luckily that work is usually tasting whatever it is that is being made :)

So I learned that you have to make sure your mir-poiux (celery, onions, carrots, shallots and garlic) are browned before you add any liquid so you get a smoother, sweeter flavor. You also have to let it simmer for quite a while to get the main ingredient's flavors to come out. The soup today was cream of mushroom. It, once again, was heaven. Just like the amazing potato bisque from a few last week.

Today I also learned how to make a coulis (said "cool-ie"). We made it in mango and strawberry. It literally means "make from oneself". Honest to god.... fruit, water, and sugar.... boiled and reduced.... to almost a syrup consistency. So I now know how to concentrate fruit flavoring. It was going on top of a cheesecake. I tried it with said cheesecake. Warm sauce with cold cheesecake.... how far is heaven?

Did I mention that I love my job? I get to cook for people all the time. It's great!!! I get to learn about cooking nonstop... AND... I get to eat!! Because what would a chef be if you didn't taste your food?

Oh yes.... and another thing.... blanching asparagus takes a bit longer than blanching kale. That was my mistake. I almost served raw asparagus. Again... oops.

But it's all a learning process. It's in such a safe learning environment too. I know just enough to get by and that changes every day as I'm given new and different things to do.

I got my information for orientation for culinary school. Now my only obstacle is finding a co-signer for my loans. Ugh... I'm short a few thousand, so I have to take out a private loan... boooo.... and since I don't have enough credit history to stand on my own, I must have a co-signer. I hate asking people to co-sign. It's just such a dirty business. Oh well. Something will work out. It always does :)

So I've decided to start the countdown. I start culinary school in exactly 40 days. Shit.

Who's ready to pee their pants? I am!

(I promise, I'll try to be better about posting)