Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2

I realized on the way to work this morning that I was enjoying the idea of going to work. Not that I haven't loved my jobs before at the beginning... But it was different. I was in love with the new, and not so much what I was doing. Today, I knew I was going to wake up at 6:45am and it didn't bother me. Now, for those of you that know me, I'm usually pretty irritated if I have to be up before 10am. However, I will soon be getting up at 3:30am and it doesn't bother me one bit. This is because I love what I'm doing and I KNOW I'm going to have an enjoyable day. Anyway... on to the day itself...

Today was Kitchen Gadget Christmas Part 2. If I thought yesterday was something, I should've thought about today.

See, yesterday, as we were unloading the truck, there were these 3 "bulk boxes" the size of sofas. We were not to open them. Too much trouble. Today, we opened them. Oh my. There aren't words. This was hands-on stainless steel wonderfulness. Whisks, slotted spoons, serving spoons, trays, tongs, portion scoops, measuring spoons and cups, pitchers, shot glasses, decorating tips, scales, slicers, peelers, brushes, spatulas, and so much more! *sigh* Beautiful.

Baha Man put me in charge of the Banquet Prep Kitchen being organized. Te he. Fun stuff. It was humorous how many different types of pitchers there were. I mean, how many different ways can you pour a drink? I found out today that there can be up to 17 different types of pitchers. Amazing.

I can now say that I feel like I fit in. Yesterday was a tad intimidating I must admit. I mean, I was expecting these people to be... I don't know... Chef-y. And they are. But they are so willing to share what they know. And they all, with one exception, don't make you feel stupid if you don't know something that is common culinary knowledge.

I think Baha Man and I are on the road to a very nice friendship. We seem to see the world in a very similar way.

Chef G has chosen me as the punching bag of the group since he knows I can handle it... as well as throw it right back. Who doesn't like a little friendly banter? But no worries... it's all in good fun and he always makes it a point to tell myself and every other member of the crew "well done!" and "great work today!"

So this is now when I talk about what I first thought about blogging about and decided to save it for last... Here we go...

$7.00 Desserts. :D

Today we sampled the desserts that will be for sale out of the Flying Spoons case. These are not your average desserts. OOOOHHHH No. These desserts are made by the Culinary Olympic Canadian Pastry Chef that took home a gold medal this past year in the Culinary Olympics (Who knew that they had Culinary Olympics? Not me.) These babies were DELICIOUS. I mean, I'm not exactly on the thin side, so I've had my fair share of desserts.... But these were out of this world!!! There were lemon custards, cheesecakes covered in raspberry sorbet, coffee mousse with a dark chocolate shell, and creme brulee. I mean... WOO. I hope to put up pictures of these desserts once we get them in bulk. Oh and... They're all hand-"painted" with beautiful designs. Absolutely gorgeous.

Speaking of pictures... Once the kitchens are complete, I will be posting photos of where I'll be working and some of the hotel highlights for those (Canadian sister) who cannot see them in person.

Well, I'm off to practice my routine for my Pampered Chef show on Thursday and prepare dinner in the process.

Until tomorrow :)


  1. I am so happy for you! I can't wait till the hotel opens and we can come and stay and have you make our omlets.

  2. I LOL'd at 'stainless-steel wonderfulness' & '17 different types of pitchers'! I can just imagine your speaking tone by the writing style, too.

    Can't wait to see the photos!

  3. i love your life and your blog