Tuesday, February 23, 2010


March is a good place to start. It begins next week and it's a fresh, shiny, new month.

In order to stay on track with the 12 month plan, here's what needs to be accomplished:

1) Open savings account
2) Save $30/week (I plan to do this by eating out less.)
3) File taxes
4) FINALLY unpack my room and sort through all of my stuff
5) Save all of my Sur La Table money in savings account (This is going to be the hardest to accomplish.)
6) Contemplate selling and possibly sell my car
7) Keep my promise with lent and avoid laziness at all costs


  1. You go girl! I miss ya! I am going to let you know when we are headed to Columbus. I want to come visit your store. Hopefully I can get up there soon.